NRW. Bank

By: Interface

In the new and distinctive head office of NRW. Bank in Düsseldorf, around 12,000 sq m of Equilibrium quality carpet tiles from Interface were selected as part of the architectural design. As well as design, functionality and flexibility, the product’s cost effectiveness and sustainability were also crucial in the decision to use it. Valuable floor coverings The architects of NRW Bank and RKW architectural practice focused on creating an interesting and rewarding working environment. Taking into account creative, functional, commercial and sustainable perspectives, the decision was taken to fit carpets in the offices and corridors and on the trading floor. The project team chose Interface carpet tiles, because they were not only ideally suited to this project due to their durability and aesthetics, but also because of their outstanding environmentally friendly qualities. In the Equilibrium carpet tiles, the planners found a product that suited the premises.

Around 12,000 m² of tufted carpet was laid with an eye-catching linear structure. In a special mid-grey shade – a concession to stain resistance – the carpet tiles create the visual effect of a prestigious floor covering. In addition, they meet all the requirements set for the floor covering, made 100% from yarn-dyed Aquafil Alto Chroma. The quality laid is more than averagely durable and colourfast, making it ideal for use in high-traffic office areas where the carpet must demonstrate a high UV-resistance due to the glass architecture.

Following the wishes of the users and planners, the carpet tiles were laid “seamlessly” – i.e. without visible joins. This is the result of precision manufacture and laying. Due to a special underside construction, the Interface carpet tiles stay firmly on the floor and keep their position even under constant stress from office chair casters, because their ability to keep their shape is a big plus for all products from this manufacturer. As a result there is no shrinkage or cupping.

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